Monday, January 30, 2017

What I learned

I learned there are a lot of nice/helpful people out there.

There is a lot of stunningly scenic views throughout the country, often revealing the local geological history.

In a presidential election year, radio can be hard to listen to from February to November.

A lot of wheelchair accessible hotel rooms aren't.

Weather forecasts are best used for guidance and one should always hedge against other outcomes.

Driver's Ed has been replaced by GTA

A lot of drivers are either focused on their lap while using one hand on the steering wheel or they are texting/facebooking.  Either way, they are looking down way too long.

Drafting very close to car bumpers is the new driving style.  I remain firmly in the old fashioned 2 secs behind the car in front of me school of driving.

Tomorrow, Has my judgement improved?

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