Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Has my judgement improved?

The question comes from a quote:
"Good judgment comes from experience
Experience comes from poor judgment"
Has be attributed to many different sources.  For me to attribute it to anyone would probably be wrong and perpetuate a wrong attribution.  I can accurately state, they are not my words and were originally coined by someone else.

In that spirit, what was my good judgment, what was my experience building choices?

Good Judgement: When you want to accomplish something, just do it.  
I was working on this plan for a number of years.  First with the schedule, getting the races I needed in a schedule that would work.  Eventually I created a schedule that worked.  Then the next year, some races changed their weekends.  Others ceased operation.  Some even changed their policies allowing wheelchairs.  So mathematics to the rescue, developing some theorems and procedures to make the scheduling more likely to succeed.

No sooner than I made the commitment to 2016 and registered for races, and then some new opportunities arose that would have made 2017 physically easier to achieve my goal.  WIth the changes races make over time, it is also possible that nothing better ever arrives, and in fact it could get harder over time. Bottom line: You can always wait for something better or do it now.  

Experience building department, just do it.
The first few races were brutal, travel was difficult.  I had never finished a race dead last, but during the race that I did (third state of the 51 total), I remember thinking over and over, what have I done? am I going to survive? should I just quit now?

After it is all over I learned that I committed myself to an adventure, I not only survived, but thrived, and I can persevere.

Tomorrow: Answering the questions I get if someone else can do this?

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