Wednesday, November 30, 2016

And they wonder why I am superstitious

Got home.  Took a nap.  Started to unpack.  Got the clean clothes out of the suitcase to return to the closet before putting the dirty clothes in the hamper.  Slipped while reaching up into the closet.

When I settled on the floor, the right leg was pointed out in front of me.  The left leg was in an "S" shape to my left.  Before I could leave the apartment complex I was in full AD (autonomic dysreflexia, a very serious complication some SCI's (Spinal Cord Injuries) can get that could cause a stroke and even death.)

As I make my way to the ED (Emergency Department) I tell everyone I am in AD.  They use their portable devices to look it up on WebMD and all ask if I need to cath myself.  For eleven hours I pester the triage nurse and she keeps asking me if I am in pain.  I know I could lie and say yes, but then it may be hard to explain why I am subject to AD.  Not good to lie to the medical professionals.

After 11 hours I get to see the doctor, and xrays are ordered.  They tell me I have a broken leg.  Since I use a wheelchair, and have no sensation, I can get around without a plaster cast, and would not know if pressure sores are been created inside the cast, so a removable cast is used to splint my leg and discharge me.

Like I have said, there will be trials as I try to complete my goal.

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